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Raw Materials we process

zu sehen ist dunkelblaues Garn

Polyacrylic (PAN)

extremely UV-resistant, colourfast and weatherproof
  • polyacrylic
  • modacrylic (e.g. Kanecaron & Sevel)
  • homopolymer (e.g. Dolanit)
  • raw white and coloured
  • UNI and in mix
zu sehen ist weißes Garn

Polyester (PES)

extremely strong, durable and easy to maintain
  • polyester
  • recycled polyester
  • polyester BIKO (melted fibre)
  • polyester FR (flame-retarding)
  • Trevira CS
  • raw white and coloured
  • UNI and in mix
zu sehen ist blaues Garn

Polylactic acid (PLA)

biologically degradable, sustainable
  • raw white and coloured
  • UNI and in mix
zu sehen ist graues Garn

Aramid (AR)

robust, tear-resistant, heat-resistant and fire-resistant, extremely durable and strong
  • meta aramid
  • para aramid (in mixture)
  • in mix
  • raw white and jet-painted
zu sehen ist weises Garn

Polyamide (PA)

extremlely tear-resistant and rub-resistant, high durability
  • raw white and coloured
  • UNI and in mix
zu sehen ist türkises Garn

Viscose (CV)

absorbent, highly wear comfort, sustainable
  • viscose FR (flame-retarding)
  • Modal
  • Tencel
  • EcoVero (sustainable)
  • raw white and coloured
  • UNI and in mix
zu sehen ist hellblaues Garn

Polypropylene (PP)

low melting range, hydrophobic, hygenical
  • polypropylene
  • raw white and jet-painted
  • UNI and in mix
zu sehen ist dunkelblaues Garn

Special fibre

fibres for customer and contract with specific features and requirements.
  • PPS
  • Anti-static fibre
  • Mix of natural fibre
  • Carbonised acrylic
  • Polyethylene
  • Chlorine fibre
We offer solutions manufactured to your exact needs. Let us check your request. Together we will find a way to realise your project. Get in touch with us.


Yarn we finish

zu sehen ist weißer Stoff

Ring / Compact Yarns

Traditional spinning process (ring / traveller-based) for the production of high-quality and sophisticated yarns.

Modified ring yarn, based on compact spinning system with a low-hairiness for heavy-duty areas of application.

Fineness range from Nm 9 to Nm 110.

zu sehen ist ein blaues Tuch

Rotor Yarns

Yarns made by a modern automated production process for versatile applications.

Fineness range from Nm 10 to Nm 60.

zu sehen ist Stoff

Air Jet Yarns

Production of extreme low-hairiness yarns with air supporting system.

Fineness range from Nm 30 to Nm 80.

zu sehen ist blauer Stoff aus dd zwirn

DD Thread

Production of double or multiple twisted yarns on double wire thread machine (two twists per spindle rotation) for chain insert.


Special Yarns we manufacture

zu sehen ist rotes Garn


Fineness range from Nm 9 to Nm 50.
zu sehen ist mouline


Yarn strength on your request.

zu sehen ist Luntengarn

Fuse Yarn

Fineness range from Nm 0,9 to Nm 1,3.
zu sehen jaspe

Jaspé / Siro

Fineness range from Nm 20 to Nm 60.


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